Pupil Testimonials

Please say thanks to Tony for getting me through my test FIRST TIME on Monday. The lessons were great, I was worried about learning and I thought driving instructors were boring but Tony was great. Cheers again.
Anthony - Hockley

I was put off of learning to drive a while ago because my last instructor was a real misery - I hated learning to drive. Then I was recommended to Tony by a friend. WOW it was SO much better. I loved learning and found that I made progress really fast as I was enjoying it so much. I passed my test in Basildon yesterday and just wanted to say thank you.
Juile - Hawkwell

Listen everyone don't even bother going with anyone else Tony's the best he made the whole thing well easy and he don't shout or anything. I did 25 hours and passed my old instructor said I needed at least 40 more lessons. Tony's well honest and a good bloke - even if he don't like football:)))
Rob - Eastwood

Can you please say a thank you to Tony he worked ever so hard last week teaching me to park and drive . I'm a self confessed lost cause but somehow Tony managed to get me good enough to do them and pass my test. Forever grateful.
Margaret - Leigh on Sea

Cheers Tony I just want to say that apart from the day my baby was born passing my driving test today has been the best day of my life. I have had lessons with other instructors but they never explained things quite the way you did:) your the best.
Callum - Canvey

Have had lessons with other automatic schools and never enjoyed them. But learning with you guys was very enjoyable. Tony was really easy to get along with and explained things in a really clear way. I have given your number to my sister who will call you soon. Thanks again.
Andy - Rochford

yes yes yes!  I have  done it. Thank Tony for me he was just brill.
Debs - Rayleigh

Thank you so much for teaching me Tony. Your a great teacher. I'm the happiest person alive!
Jodie - Eastwood

Have just got back from driving on the M25 for the first time with Tony, and although I passed 5 years ago I have been worried about driving at high speed for years. Your motorway course was super it's given me the confidence I was looking for. Thank you.
Jane - Leigh on Sea

My boss told me to pass my test asap or my job was gone! 2 weeks later I've got my full licence and my job. Nice one
Dave - Romford

Tony helped me such a lot during my crash course, and all his hard worked paid off as I passed first time:) just tell him I am so grateful.
Claire - Thope Bay

I must say to anybody who is thinking about learning to drive that Tony will make the whole thing seem a breeze. I was so worried at the start but after a hour I felt very confident.
Rajinda - Southend on Sea

A big thanks to Tony for giving me the confidence to pass first time!
Kev - Thorpe Bay

Its been 2 weeks since I passed and I'm really enjoying driving. Thank you to Tony for everything call you soon to book my pass plus.
Harley - Chelmsford

Just Passed My driving test - Tony was brilliant, really patient and got me through first time. Cant believe how easy it was. Thanks a million.
Hannah - Leigh on Sea

I passed !  Wish I had gone with you guys sooner thanks Tony top man.
Kieran - Southend on Sea

My last instructor said I should give up driving. Thanks to Tony  for giving me the confidence to carry on
Leah - Leigh on Sea

I've tried to learn in the past but found it very stressful. With Tony seemed to click into place. Thanks again to Tony for putting up with me.
Chaz - Southend on Sea

Tony was  a very good instructor He helped me so much. He's a really nice guy and would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive
Kara - Leigh on Sea


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